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Pose With Me

Do you have an NPC/IFBB show coming up?

I would love to teach you everything you need to feel confident showing off your hard-earned bikini body on stage.  The judges have no way of seeing all the years of dedication that led you to the stage.  All they see is the couple moments you are out there in front of them so let’s make those moments count!

What can you expect to learn in a one hour posing class with me?

  • Stage Presence

    I will show you how to let your personality shine on stage.

  • Walk Like A Pro

    You will learn to walk with confidence and grace.

  • Individual Routine

    Learn a personalized routine that highlights your strengths.

  • Comparison Round

    I teach you how to stand out during the comparison rounds.

Client Testimonials

I first came across Natalie when I decided to join the world of bikini competitors. I had zero experience but determined to do my best. I was immediately drawn to Natalies “Fit vegan chef” page for all her inspiration in both the Vegan world and the bodybuilding world. She quickly became my go to place for guidance through this all so foreign world of bodybuilding. Watching Natalie work so hard has been so inspiring, she really puts it all out there and shows a true raw look into what it takes to be a bikini bodybuilder. Her passion for the sport is absolutely undeniable and she really enjoys sharing everything she has learned with all her followers.
When it became time to hiring a posing coach, I of course knew who my #1 choice would be.  Natalie always looks so graceful and confident on stage and makes posing look so easy, which I now know isn’t! The way she presents herself on stage really stands out for all the right reasons.
During our first session I didn’t really know what to expect out of a Skype posing lesson, but I threw on my posing suit and my high heels and set up my iPad. I was ready to go. The minute she rang in, she was all smiles and so kind. It can be a little uncomfortable sitting in a tiny bikini in front of a IFBB pro, but I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I was in great hands. We got right into posing, she really took the time to find poses that showed off MY body. We ran through the routine  ( I recorded it so I could reference back) until I felt comfortable that I had enough information to start practicing. She then gave me the low down on how the whole show works, what I will be asked to do, where I will stand, how they do call outs etc etc. Then we got to the really fun stuff, she helped me pick out my entire suit, she had color recommendations, bottom cut, sizing, crystals, we went through hair styles, makeup, tan, she covered it all!
Natalie is such a genuine, sincere, professional woman who cares about each and every one of her clients. Her attention to detail, upbeat personality and genuinely kind soul makes her the total package. She takes her job as a coach very seriously and I truly appreciate all her continued support and guidance. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a posing coach, support system, and friend to hire Natalie Matthews!

Natalie is a terrific coach. In our classes together, she was very clear in what she wanted me to do which helped to pick up the poses fast. She worked with my body, even changing my routine at the last week to one that better suited my leaner figure. Her support made me feel confident and excited, and was a huge stress reliever come competition day because I knew my routine was solid and professional. Natalie is a true inspiration, and I would recommend her coaching to anyone, novice or not!

I’m so thankful for getting the opportunity to have a posing session with Natalie. I learned SO SO much in the hour we spent together and feel like my stage presence overall has already improved drastically. She made me feel confident, is extremely knowledgeable, personable and gives the greatest little tips and things to be mindful about while on stage. Thank you Natalie🙏🏻

Posing had always been something I love, in the NPC I knew how to pose with the help of my team and through my background in theater, but when it came to switching federations to WNBF and NFF I knew going it alone wasn’t the best idea. Natalie walked me through it step by step and helped me put together a routine and poses that truly showed off my physique confidently on these stages for the first time. Little things you didn’t think of, she showed me and it made the world of a difference! I can’t say thank you enough. Beginner or advanced, this girl is amazing at what she does and can get your posing to where it needs to be ❤️ thank you again girl!

Natalie provided me the best guidance on how to create and practice my posing routine prior to my first bikini competition. She was patient and kind, and always made sure to encourage me to practice as much as I could before hitting the stage. In addition, Natalie helped me choose my suit for the competition and provided me with emotional support throughout my first bikini prep. I’ll be booking posing sessions with Natalie again to prepare for my next competition! 🙂

Alice Lima Lovchik
NPC Bikini Competitor

It has been a pleasure working with Natalie during our posing class. I went into my first competition feeling very confident with my posing and ended up placing. She knows exactly what the judges are looking for and how to adjust for each individual’s needs. I look forward to working with her again for my next competition ❤️

Shaneve Swift
NFF Bikini Competitor

I was so excited to be able to learn from Natalie. I have been a fan of hers for a long while now because she is an incredible vegan role model. She was just as sweet via Skype as I’d imagined her to be. She seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me and my style/personality. Her posing looks so graceful and confident, and I was (and still am) eager to replicate her poise. The only cons of the coaching were that it was hard for me to do it via Skype instead of in person because I’m not very coordinated and struggled to translate what she was showing me to doing it on my end. I also will definitely need another session because I felt like I only had a bit of understanding of what I needed to practice and wanted more time to go over it with her cues, but luckily I have two more months and time to schedule another session with Natalie. I truly believe that she wants to be a resource for others and felt like she really cared about helping me.

Libby Rader Watson
NPC Bikini Competitor

In bodybuilding, posing is everything and can make all the difference on how you place in your competition. Even if your physique is on point, if you don’t showcase it in the most flattering way, the person who poses better will place higher. For my 4th competition – and my first with NPC – I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. My coach suggested I reach out to Natalie. While I knew she was amazing at posing herself, and I was excited about the prospect of working with her, I was skeptical about how effective a FaceTime posing session could be. But I needed the coaching and luckily I was able to schedule two sessions – one 2 weeks out from my competition, and one 2 days before. Natalie is a complete professional and an absolute pleasure to work with! Even from a remote location, she was totally focused in on all the nuances of my posing routine, correcting me and working with me so that when I stepped on stage I would present my physique with confidence, and in a way that was most flattering for me. For the first time in my 4 competitions, I placed 1st in both of my classes! I had an amazing prep and I know I brought my best package to the stage…but, without a doubt, I believe it was Natalie’s posing coaching that made all the difference and made it possible for me to take home two 1st Place trophies! I can’t recommend her highly enough! I know I will definitely be reaching out to her again for any future competitions!

Natalie is a phenomenal posing coach who is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results.  As a personal trainer/prep coach, I have partnered with Natalie to ensure that my bikini athletes are prepared on show day.  My athletes walk away from her sessions feeling beautiful and very confident. She creates posing routines tailored to each individual athlete.  Her ability to help athletes accentuate their best features have led to the success of my bikini athletes.  I highly recommend Natalie’s services to anyone looking to take their posing/stage presence to the next level.

Team Finesse coach Mike Harris