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About Natalie Matthews


I was Born and raised on the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, and I have always shown an interest in living a healthy and active lifestyle. I began surfing competitively at a professional level at the age of sixteen. Professional surfing required a level of athleticism and commitment that sparked my interest in living a healthier lifestyle. My athletic pursuits combined with other life altering events inspired me to become a compassionate, cruelty-free, vegan.

Although I was a vegetarian since I was a young girl, my addiction to dairy resulted in bouts of hypoglycemia, severe acne, and extreme fatigue. In 2010 I met my husband, George He also shared an interest in fitness and nutrition and together we learned about veganism and compassionate living. While learning more about the vegan diet, George’s doctor recommended that he eliminate all dairy products to help with his chronic sinus problems. This recommendation inspired us to make some changes in how we treated our bodies. We both adopted a vegan lifestyle and within a year we were thriving and free from illness.

I became even more passionate about being in the kitchen as I worked as a cake decorator for three years. I was fortunate enough to leave my job as a cake decorator to follow my dream of being a chef. In February 2016, I attended the Living Light Culinary Institute in Fort Bragg California where I graduated as a Raw Chef and Raw Pastry Chef. Attending this school was one of the best experiences of my life, and I will remember it forever. Seeing how happy people are when they eat delicious healthy food made me so excited to share this passion with the world.  This idea inspired me to publish my first eBook Puerto Vegan Cookbook where I share my favorite childhood recipes.

Currently, I live in Oxnard, California where I train and compete as a professional Bikini athlete. In 2018 I became an IFBB pro and I am determined to make it to the Olympia stage. I want to inspire others through fitness and healthy eating because I believe in veganism and the positive impact my choices have on my health, the environment, and the welfare of animals. I know I can make a difference by showing the world how delicious and healthy cruelty-free foods can be.


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Photo by  Osiris Torres